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Dumb and Dumber

Nicholas Sarkozy is now blaming the Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowen, for igniting a bank deal crisis.
I am Irish and think that the Irish Government plan was about as stupid as you could possibly get but, when Nicholas Sarkozy stands up and pretends to be the bastion of Economic Sagesse, well excuse me, I gotta have my say as this galls me.

King Nicholas, you gotta be kidding ! Your hair brained schemes , a la Paulson et Bernanke, are about as idiotic as those of the Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowen. Ireland DOES NOT HAVE 500 Billion Euros. Period. Ireland needs to spend what money it has in develpong as much independence from foreign supplies of Energy as it can, invest in it's rail infrastructure, stop wasting money on new Highways that nobody will drive along , invest in Wind, Tidal energy which it has in bountiful supply, rid itself of all the accessories of largesse which it only possessed by the grace of easy credit and foreign benefactors, construct a real home grown manufacturing base that supplies the needs of it's population and can stand on it's own two feet without foreign aid.
As each European country polarises itself and realises that , basically, it's on it's own,this is the time to be clever with remaining monetary and labour resources. The latter need to be put in to something that the country will actually receive benefit from, not wasting it  trying to recreate the unsustainable circumstances that continue to exact a dear price on the country's population.
La France, no matter what you say, cannot afford either to waste valuable capital on French Banks that have reaped their own whirlwind and duped the French public in to thinking that they were the epitome of The Wise, responsible investors. Why don't you come down, Nicholas, to the South or visit the Banlieus of Paris or Lyon once again, this time without your sneering  rascist undercurrents - you won the election already so relax a little - and see where you could actually spend money to help the people you were elected to take care of ? Or are you just another jumped up King of Crony Capitalism, pimped in to power like your buddy (He's still your Buddy Nic, right?) George Bush to do the bidding of the International Banking Cartel ?

The financial rescue flim flams from all European countries are exactly that.It's meant to be a "Confidence" building measure. But Confidence for whom ? Only the Banks and the High Priests of the Cac,Dax and FTSE who see the passing of a comet as something portentious. With every bank in the world trying  desperately to cover their bad loan portfolios, their precarious derivative positions, they have no intention, Zip, Nada, of actually putting the money back in to the hands of people who actually need it. It's all for them to cover their own greedy shenanigans. They are only part of the problem, the real problem is that the world was sold the easy credit scam, bolstered strongly by Government disinformation and it's flagrant  bastardisation of Economic fundamentals, and the results are evident. You can't have it both ways, It's either a healthy economy with foresight and a responsible Government, or an imaginary one where basic economic principles are blissfully ignored to the eventual detriment of all. So come on Nicholas, step up to the plate, be a Man. Stop blaming others for doing the same idiotic things as you are. Just because  Brian Cowen screwed the pooch doesn't mean you don't have a chance to do something constructive. If you are going to stand up and cry foul, at least have the wisdom to suggest something useful and give some hope to the people who elected you.

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