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Last Thursday Continental Flight 3407 crashed approximately 10KM from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport over the Outer Marker of runway 230. The investigation as to the causes of the crash are not known definitively after such a short time but the media has been hard selling a severe ice buildup on the control surfaces as the cause of the crash. Several inconsistencies exist between the various reports from different media outlets but all are unanimously drawing the same conclusion. Why the rush to preempt the official results and bombard the public with the Ice story ? As we shall see, previous air disasters have been first explained by the media before the results were in and the story was subsequently either ignored or the report obfuscated by the NTSB. It's early days in the investigation but already we are seeing a concerted effort to implant the causes of the crash in to the public psyche before the real investigation has begun.

Based on unexplained air disasters in the past, closer examination is warranted as one of the passengers, Beverly Eckert, did pose a problem to those in power that have previously "neutralised" their problems.

Beverly Eckert lost her husband on 9/11 and had successfully lobbied for a Federal Commission to investigate the events of 9/11. Under the Federal Commission, witnesses would be compelled to testify under oath. (Remember George Bush, when requested to give evidence at the Government Commission hearings had stated that he would only do so if he were NOT under oath.) She had refused the $1.8 Million average payout for victims' families and instead bravely embarked on a mission to have the events realistically investigated. In her own words "My silence cannot be bought". The documents being sought by her and other members of the Voices of September 11th organisation have not been released. Last December, along with the ACLU and several other signatories, she had challenged the legitimacy of the Military Commissions that were responsible for the Kangaroo Court jurisprudence in Guantanamo Bay. She had brought the events of 9/11 and the injustice of Guantanamo in to the light of day and the prospect of testimony under oath and the release of documents related to 9/11 threatened to expose those in power.

With this in mind, let's turn to an analysis of the disaster itself and the documented history of politically beneficial deaths, NTSB and FBI cover ups and perpetuation of the lies by a complicit media.

A transcript of the Air Traffic Control tapes was released shortly after the crash which confirmed that the pilots had not reported anything out of the ordinary. They were directed to 2300ft on a heading of 260 degrees for runway 230 with an Instrument Landing System Approach. One minute after the last acknowledgement from flight 3047 "the plane simply dropped off the radar screen".

Now, in the account published on USAToday, "In December, the agency issued a safety alert because pilots have continued to make the same mistake as the Comair pilots 12 years ago: failing to switch on a plane's anti-icing equipment."

The only problem here is that according to the New York Times, "It has several types of de-icing equipment, including systems for its wings, tail, propeller blades and windshield, which are prompted to operate by automatic sensors"

The NTSB confirmed through their spokesman, Steve Chealander, that the de-icing systems "were in the ON position" before the aircraft commenced its descent from 16,000 ft to 2,300 ft and remained ON. According to the Cockpit Voice Recorder, the pilots were discussing "significant amounts of icing on the windshield". None of this was reported to ATC.

New York Times again.."Ice immediately came to mind among air traffic controllers on Thursday night. Minutes after Continental Connection Flight 3407 disappeared from radar, controllers asked other pilots near Buffalo-Niagara International Airport if they had run into icy conditions and received a spate of “yes” responses." But according to the ATC transcript there was NO spate of yes responses. In fact ATC only communicated to a Delta aircraft and a USAIR flight who did not report any serious icing problems.

21:04 - ATC: Delta 1998, you getting any icing where you're at?

21:05 - Delta 1998: uh, we're picking up on the way down - i don't think we're building anymore here, but about uh 6500 down to 3500 maybe?

24:45 - ATC: delta 1998, 6 miles from KLUMP maintain 2300 until established on a localizer, clear to ils approach runway 2-3

24:54 - delta 1998: ILS 2-3 and we're still in the imc here, 2300 delta 1998

25:00 - atc: are you getting any kind of icing or anything there?

25:03 - delta 1998: uhh it doesn't appear to be building, we have a 1/2..1/4 inch from the descent that has remained this whole time.

What we can gather from the ATC tapes and the flight recorder is that the pilots descended from 16,000ft to their outer marker approach altitude of 2300ft ready to intercept the Instrument Landing System beacon for runway 230 without any report of problems and both pilots evidently not under any stress according to the ATC tapes. Once the aircraft started to line up on approach, it simply vanished off the radar screens with no Mayday or any communication from the pilots. According to the Flight Director logs, once aligned for approach, the plane experienced violent pitching and rolling after the landing gear had been extended and the first stage of flaps had been set but still no communications from the pilots. This would seem to point to both a simultaneous, catastrophic failure in both the de-icing system and communications / transponder systems. There was no mention of any failure by the NTSB of any catastrophic failure recorded on the recovered black box. The de-icing system status indicator in the cockpit remained ON during the entire time. The Bombardier Dash8 Q-400 had been subject to an airworthiness directive in June 2008 about its de-icing system in aircraft built before April 2007. Flight 3047's Q-400 had been built after that date.

We will have to wait for the official findings of the NTSB report but this is the same NTSB that reported on the causes of TWA Flight 800 in which they surmised that the cause of the explosion that destroyed this Boeing 747 came from the central fuel tank despite the testimony of hundreds of witnesses that described a missile that ascended from the area in which a huge naval exercise was taking place that subsequently struck Flight 800. An Orion Air Force pilot, a Vietnam veteran air force pilot, who was taking part in the exercise testified that he was certain that Flight 800 had been destroyed by a surface to air missile. There is a mountain of evidence that proves the Official NTSB report was false and that the FBI had engaged in a coverup.

The point I am trying make here is that the NTSB is a government agency and has been guilty of manipulation of evidence and outright deception to cover up the causes of certain air disasters.

There has been a long history of mysterious air crashes and unlikely deaths that have solved a lot of political problems and which have been covered up by the FBI, NTSB and other Government agencies.

First, let's consider the October, 2002 crash of a Beechcraft King Air near Eveleth, Minnesota in which Senator Paul Wellstone and his family perished. Senator Wellstone held a key Democratic seat and was on the verge of an election upset. His death proved to be a lucky break for the Republicans. The true cause of that crash were never published and the story was "Memory holed" immediately after the initial media blitz indicating bad weather as the cause was completed. This despite the testimony of numerous pilots and ATC employees that weather was not a problem at the time. "Wellstone’s death comes almost two years to the day after a similar plane crash killed another Democratic Senate hopeful locked in a tight election contest, Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, on October 16, 2000" according to the same source.

On April 3rd, 2006, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown died along with 34 others when an Air Force 737 crashed on approach to an airport in Croatia. Ron Brown ran afoul of the Department of Defense and Bill Clinton over technology export rules. Subsequent investigations had revealed that the Instrument Landing System had been sabotaged and the operator was found dead three days later from a gunshot wound. A member of the cabin crew, though she had survived the crash, was discovered to have had her femoral artery sliced by a knife after the crash while she was still in the wreckage. Ron Brown had what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.

On 19 December, 2008, Michael Connell died in yet another plane crash. Connell was a Bush insider who was on his way to Washington to testify on election fraud in Ohio in 2004. Congress had issued a subpoena to Karl Rove and George Bush in relation to the election fraud investigation, demanding the delivery of all pertinent emails. Bush replied that they had been destroyed. But Connell had installed an alternative comms system in the White House and allegedly had moved them to alternate servers in the White House and was about to reveal them. Connell was a pilot himself and had reportedly cancelled 2 previous flights after discovering that his plane had been sabotaged.

There is also a very long list of mysterious deaths that have occurred during the Clinton and Bush administrations. What it illustrates is that anyone who is considered a realistic threat to the established power structure seems to happen upon an untimely, mysterious death. This is not a supposition, this is policy and the evidence speaks for itself. Follow the links below to explore for yourself.


It behooves us to keep a very watchful eye as this investigation unfolds.

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Feb. 17th, 2009 06:52 pm (UTC)
3407 at 2300 feet?
Don't know the specific procedures at the Buffalo Airport, but 2300 is a bit low with the weather conditions cited for 5 miles out; you can't safely get out/climb out of a stall or glide down from that height with that particular plane. Flying 2-seater one propeller Pipers at Cuyahoga Airport in Cleveland Ohio, we had to climb to 3000 ft right away and stay there until right before landing when we did 'touch and gos;' 3000 would have been a safer height and other planes on the recordings were requesting air-traffic-control (ATC) to climb to higher altitudes to get out of the ice storm and snow. From 2300 feet there is no room for error or stall in that kind of weather. Is has nothing to do with 9/ll.
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