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Nemesis in Slow Motion.

So, 3 months since the arrival of the Storm which has redefined the modern world, what has happened and what can we expect ?
What we have seen and what we have received as the remedies to the problem have just been more of the same chicanery that led to the disaster in the first place. We still have the same players, the same crooks and the same "remedies".

Have you ever noticed that the more it changes, the more it remains the same ? Like the French phrase...plus ca change..
We have seen whole industries collapse because they did not take account of the real economy. We have seen the inflation of real estate bubbles, credit bubbles and others too numerous to mention. I remember talking to my mother 3 years ago about the property bubble in Ireland at the time. People were buying houses to beat the band and you were nobody unless you had a property or two. I remember saying to her that this has got to end when the price of property will be too expensive for people to afford and I was right. Property prices took a nosedive and the same people who bet on increased equity and a permanent gravy train were in the can. A roof over someone's head is a basic right in life and should never have been the subject of a speculative game. The moment arrived when a 2 Bedroom semi cost 500,000 Euros. This meant that, to buy the property, you needed two salaries. This meant in turn that a husband and wife had to be both working just to pay the mortgage. This resulted in a whole generation of children who were raised by nurseries and not by their parents. This, in itself, was a bad thing as children need their parents, not just for 20 minutes when they arrive home after traveling 60 miles to work and back and just about have time to tuck the kids in to bed before the manic performance begun again at 0500 the next morning. Is this a life ? No. This was one of the more saddening results of the property game.

The Treasury in America has led the world in the curative process to heal the wounded monster that they had created. The rest of the world has followed suit like lambs to the slaughter. YES, we will guarantee bank deposits, YES we will inject "liquidity" back in to the banks, YES we will regulate the financial markets more, YES, we will ask the IMF to supervise the transactions in derivatives and CDO's and be the Guardian of the Free Market. Who are these guys kidding ? Money does not come out of thin air nor does it grow on trees. Asking the IMF to be the guardian of our economic system goes beyond reasonable credence as it was the latter that sent out the "Economic hitmen" to impoverish and rob any lame duck in the globalised arena. Argentina and several African economies can attest to this.

We have seen in graphic detail just how useless and such a waste of taxpayer money was the TARP, along with the injection of capital in to Banks and financial institutions across the planet . The Banks just took the money and used it to acquire other companies and added the spare change to their ever decreasing balance sheets. Bank execs held multimillion seminars in tropical paradises to discuss the problems that they had created, they gave themselves huge bonuses for the hard work they had done in destroying the wealth of working people, they hoarded all the money for themselves, cranking up interest rates, reducing credit card spending limits to further debilitate the well being of their victims. They have stopped lending to industries because they know exactly what the future holds and want to cover their own behinds before lending any money that might actually boost production and create some jobs. This last point is important as the supply of credit for real production is essential in any truly productive economy. They were only too happy to finance consumption up to now, knowing full well that the moment would arrive when the goose could no longer lay any eggs. At this stage they can at least cook the goose.

Let's face it folks, there is no bailout for the ordinary Joe on the street, there is only free money for the same folks who brought us this disaster and the same folks who have had all politicians in their back pocket for generations. That's it. There is no argument on this. If you have one, I'd love to hear about it

We have had the spectre of "change" foisted upon us during the recent U.S. election, a glimmer of hope, a "change we can believe in" but , hold on a second, the new administration has surrounded itself with the same group of gangsters who engineered the crisis in the first place. the same people who brought us the repeal of the Glass Steagal Act, the same people who brought us the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act (FSMA). Details here. All of the preceding legislation designed to remove the restrictions on totally irresponsible financial grifts without any official oversight. These same people are now crafting the new economic policy that is supposed to rescue the economy. Simply put, who are they kidding ?

It seems inevitable that the situation is on a downward plunge towards the abyss and there is nothing that will be done to prevent it. This is policy, not happenstance. We have insiders like Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright and Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign minister warning that America is going to experience an event that will dwarf 9/11 in magnitude and Barack Obama will have to have the "Moral Character" to be able to make unpalatable decisions with regard to the American people. What are we talking about here ? Well, we have to look at what's already in place. Prison camps constructed by Halliburton throughout the U.S., the legal basis for imposing martial law, the continuity of Government plan still active, the return of some brigades of U.S. army soldiers assigned to "civil unrest" duties. Add the pieces up and you know what you see. You don't need a guide here. The powers that be know damn well what's on the horizon; they do not envisage an economic recovery and they only see an opportunity to realize an age old dream of unlimited power and an impoverished population with no choice but to go along or starve.

Alex Jones has always been on the ball with this. World government and the enslavement of the population. A few years ago, one looked at the evidence and thought that Alex was on to something good here, but recently, as I look at it, all the pieces are slotting in to place. We actually have world leaders talking of a "New World Order" right now in front of millions of viewers who are probably hearing the expression for the first time. This just goes to show how efficient the mainstream media has been in spinning information for the masses for the last so many years.

It has arrived at the stage where there is no possibility of real change without a commensurate fundamental change in basic thinking. We need to rid ourselves of the poison of mainstream TV "News", to rid ourselves of patronizing and intellectually insulting "editorials", to rid ourselves of the belief that elections can change the political landscape.
The sad part about this is that Governments realize that the Internet is the last bastion of Free speech, the last refuge of independent news and opinion. Australia has just announced that there will be no free access to the Internet  anymore and it reserves the right to remove "political hate speech" from the provided content. Call it what it is; This is Fascism pure and simple . Other countries have been working on this as well, especially in the U.S, where "protecting the children" has been the rallying cry for control over Internet content. Have these people "protected the children" from poverty ? Have they "protected the children" from a seriously sub standard education ? Have they "Protected the children" from a future where they will have no hope of realizing a productive future, as the basis for the latter has been systematically destroyed ? Simple answer: NO.

Gerald Celente predicted today that there would be revolution in America and probably elsewhere as well. Is it any surprise ? How much can populations take ? How much do you have to take from a Man or Woman before they say "ENOUGH".

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Nov. 19th, 2008 02:39 pm (UTC)
AMEN to the 1000000th power.
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