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Bretton Woods II. The Final Solution ?

On November 15th the Group of the 20 largest economic nations will sit down at the National Building Museum in Washington.This marks a momentous event as world leaders come together and try and come up with a solution to the current Global Financial Meltdown.The really interesting aspect about this one will be exactly what each will be bringing to the table. Each of the 20 nations have already enacted unilateral legislation and protectionist measures in a probably vain attempt to save their own respective asses. Currencies are down the river along with Banking and Industry so what exactly will be the cures that will come out of all this ? Pardon me if I seem a bit cynical, but my prognosis for this meeting is that there will be no cures for the people who are unemployed and / or homeless, starving, desperate, bankrupt. If anyone is to be saved it will be the same institutions that have been the beneficiaries so far in this, the greatest redistribution of wealth in World History. Banks will go away happy, secure in the knowledge that their bonuses have already been sent offshore, Presidents will go away happy as they dupe their public in to thinking that they have found the cancer and successfully operated on it . This will be a consolidation of power in to the hands of the Few. The cure will probably be presented in Newspeak that there are hard times ahead but our Governments are behind us all the way. We will be told that we can have it all back to the unsustainable way it was before but we will have to make sacrifices, except for the Financial Bosses of course. There might even be a new currency proposed. What would that do ? Change the lipstick on the Pig, who is still carrying a sack of IOU's on his back. This begs the question: How is all the Debt between the member countries going to be addressed. A currency manipulation can still restore some sort of seeming order in this chaos but only for balance sheets and not the Real Economy. The IMF and the U.S. can print money until they are blue in the face but that's not wealth, it's just paper. Once it's in the real economy it can only lead to hyperinflation. Expect a so far unsurpassed sleight of hand to address this. I reckon we have only seen the beginning of the sheer nonsense we have been subjected to by the likes of Paulson, Bernanke and the various heads of countries who have never seen the problem for what it was. Guys, it's not just the fact that you're Banking buddies blew it and had to sell one of their yachts; it's the fact that your friends, along with yourselves, have robbed the world of the wealth it had and put it in to your own pockets. It really is time to hold these crooks accountable. Bretton Woods 2 would be more useful as Nuremberg 2 but with the losers, not the Victors, behind the judges' bench.

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