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Happy Holidays America ! Love, Uncle Ben.

I was wondering yesterday exactly why the Dow and Nasdaq were so cheery yesterday. Alas, it didn't turn out to be very surprising.
Helicopter Ben is loading up the Black Hawk with even more of the Cash that the US just does not have and will be raining it down as the Festive season starts.
This time it's called "An Economic stimulus package".  What's he trying to stimulate exactly ? Has Ben discovered a magic formula to cure all economic ills ?
Actually from his own statement..

"If the Congress proceeds with a fiscal package, it should consider including measures to help improve access to credit by consumers, home buyers, businesses and other borrowers"

Is there anyone home in the Brain of Bernanke ? By Improving access to credit by consumers, what he really means is that he would like to take taxpayer money and loan it back to the taxpayer at inflated interest. Happy Holidays America ,from Uncle Ben !
A few problems though..

Cash Strapped citizens in the US will not have access to any of this "Credit" as Banks, if they will lend at all, would only lend to people who still actually have jobs and a reasonable chance of keeping them for a while.
Measures to Help improve access to credit by consumers is what got everybody in to this mess in the first place.
What happened to the more than trillion dollars that were already stolen from Main street and given to Wall street Ben ? If it was to have done any good by now,well, we should be on the road to recovery; so why is unemployment rising. housing prices plummeting and an ever increasing amount of people eating out of dumpsters ?

He also said that "it would limit the longer-term impact on the government's budget deficit". Goddam Ben, you had to go to College to come up with that one ? Let me see, by throwing more money down the drain, you are actually reducing the amount of money you have previously thrown down the drain. Go figure. The fact the the mainstream media can print this garbage and still keep a straight face is, unfortunately, a sign of the times.

Now that Helicopter Ben & Co has everyone over a barrel they can talk complete crap and know they will get away with it from a completely dazed and desperate populace. The alarms are sounding but nobody's running out of the building.

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