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Is Europe waking up to the New Dawn ?

We have been observing, since the election of Tony Blair, the usurpation of European power by Uncle Sam through it's proxies in Germany, The United Kingdom, Italy and France. Tony immediately started to do his master's bidding in 2001, later Angela Merkel in Germany would follow suit, Always obliging gangster Berlusconi was ready to do business but finally, the big Enchilada, Socialist France had to be won over.
Nicholas Sarkozy had already been chosen and groomed since the internal French unrest in predominantly North African suburbs of the large French Cities. He was presented  as a figure who was plain spoken and would not tolerate disobedience to the Law.
Not that he was trying to help these people, that was never the point, he wanted to use them and the provoked situation which they became embroiled in to bolster his standing and perception in the eyes of the French people. He gambled on the race card and won.

Now, we are witnessing a nascent fragmentation of this European 5th Column who had sold their souls to Uncle Sam to be part of the big plan.

Berlusconi has just said that , Hey wouldn't it be kind of cool if we had Russia in the EU ?
Sarkozy and Bush are sparring with the definition of the New Financial Order, with George on the one hand, promoting the same Pig just with more Lipstick and Nicholas, on the other hand, hinting that the Pig was never such a great idea in the first place, No wonder Bush cancelled the real meeting until after the US Election.

With the Crisis under way, some leaders are beginning to realise that Uncle Sam won't be of much use to them as they do kind of have to answer to their populations and that Pig just ain't gonna fly no more. Choices are being made and pragmatism hopefully will prevail and Berlusconi has just opened the door. Now, we wait to see who will follow.

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