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The Domestic Enemy

Today, Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton has instructed his forces to be on high alert  during the US elections.
Private security firms (Blackwater ?) have also been engaged for these activities. The argument behind the move is the threat of Islamic fundamentalists attacking US infrastructure to influence the outcome of the election. In his own words he has stated that a Win for Mc Cain would be the preferred result for Osama Bin laden because Obama would better the image the rest of the world has of the United States.The image of "The Great Satan" is the most valuable asset for the Islamic radicals. The fact that Osama Bin Laden is DEAD doesn't seem to register on the Irony scale.


Now let's see what is really going on here. The general wish of the US population at the moment  would indicate that Obama is the popular candidate. This is comforting because if the US population actually preferred Mc Cain over Obama, then God Help us all. Neither will bring any meaningful change when they arrive in Pennsylvania Avenue anyway but it's the illusion that counts here. This is what the electorate are voting on, well besides those folks like the Rascists, the Loony Christian Right, The Soccer moms who like Sarah's lipstick, or the Beer Guzzling Baseball watching couch potatoes that think she has a nice ass.Not that I have anything against Baseball or Beer, but there will always be people who vote based on a serious lack of understanding of  even the most basic, if deceptive, garbage coming from the mouths of the candidates. But, hey, that's "Democracy" for you.

Neither will be able to prevent the accelerating Financial destruction of the population. The Rich are already in the lifeboats and the rest of us are still drinking soda at the bar or looking frantically around for a lifejacket. So why the state of high alert as, happened in 2006 and 2004? Could it be because the election is being rigged, and all the evidence is in to support this, and the population realises that they have been had - Again - and will take to the streets like they did in Los Angeles during the Race riots ?  Possibly. Most people will be analysing the results and being spoon fed by the Newspeak Corporation telling their viewers that, Golly gee, the winner won in a fair fight and God Bless Democracy;. the American people have spoken.

Fortunately there are people who have come to realise that they have been the victims of the biggest grift in Human History courtesy of Government, Democrat or Republican, no difference. What will they do if Mc Cain wins ? Protest on the street ? We have seen a graphic demonstration in the last few years of exactly what that leads to. Tear Gas, Tasers, Horse charges, Wanton Assault and Battery by the Men In Black, Free speech "Zones", beating up the old and infirm, the very young and the vulnerable ans summary imprisonment.

The power of the people has been steadily eroded financially, morally and constitutionally. there's not much left to take away at this stage but, have no doubt, they want it all and then some. thinking back to all those Halliburton contracted Detention Camps that have been built all across America, you wonder exactly who they are intended for. Certainly not for "Islamic terrorists", they're busy defending their homeland in Afghanistan and Iraq against a murderous assault on their sovereignty by NATO, spear headed by the Moron in Chief's personal muscle. So that leaves the American people themselves. No way I hear you say ! Listen up, as discussed in this blog, a thousand others and online on the Goverment's own website, "President" George W Bush has the legal power to declare martial law at the drop of a hat. That's the facts and there is no denying them. When have Power crazy gangsters, like the aforementioned, made laws that give them Dictatorial power and then just not use them ? Errrr NEVER. This horribly beautiful orchestration of Legal Sleight of Hand has left US citizens completely legally powerless to resist any whim of the Emperor in Chief. Do not think for a second that you have any rights in this matter. Ever heard of Guantanamo ? Well, you, an American cizizen, can be declared an enemy combatant, and shipped over there never to be heard of again. Jose padilla was the test case to disfigure the law of habeus corpus and was acquiesced to by a very accomodating Attorney General and Congress. In fact, most of Bush's power grabs have been achieved by signing statements and executive orders, as did Bill Clinton before him. Congress didn't even get a say. But even when they did, they went along anyway. Patriot Act, Patriot Act 2 etc etc. Another thing to remember here is that the 3rd Infantry’s 1st BCT is now on American soil with a stated mission in "Civilian Unrest" Adios Posse Comitatus.

Rep Brad Sherman spills the Beans

So Police Chief William Bratton, various nationwide police chiefs, National Guard Commanders, Commanding officer of the 3rd Infantry’s 1st BCT.What do you have planned for your fellow citizens to whom you swore a solemn oath to protect from enemies, foreign and Domestic ?
No doubt, we are about to find out.

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