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Newspeak now in Overdrive

Today in the Wall St Journal, the pundits outdid themselves in gushing out the "Good News"


The falling UK Sterling against the dollar is , apparently , Good News. Well, the Economic Geniuses at the the WSJ are now saying that the falling UK currency will boost foreign tourism and make agricultural exports from Britian very attractive to foreigners. It could, in their own words..
"boost exports of U.K. goods and rebalance the economy away from consumer spending, as policy makers have long sought to do."
Well, that's alright then. Go back to sleep, all is well in the UK.
But there is a reason that UK consumer spending is way down, People are broke or soon about to be. Unemployment is soaring and businesses are collapsing everyday. So the shift away from consumer spending is a slam dunk.  But exports depend on production. UK Banks are not lending to anybody and won't be either. So farmers have had to cut the crop production as they cannot secure financing for larger crops for export and are currently at risk of being barely able to accomodate Domestic demand, as are farmers in the U.S.. They are in as much of a bind as everyone else; so much for increased exports.
As for foreign tourism, well we would be talking obviosly about American tourists with massive amounts of the greenback in their back pockets ready to spend it all in the land of Tea and Scones. But aren't Americans in a bind at the moment with vastly decreased consumer spending even on basic household items and food, never mind that Holiday in the Rain.
It's rubbish like this in the Mainstream Media that deflect readers away from the reality of what is actually happening. It's amazing the amount of people that one meets that are still under an illusion about what is actually in progress here. One glance at the Dow , just to make sure that is has not totally tanked is enough for everyone to go back to sleep. A strong dollar against the Euro is a signal that all is just dandy with the United States Economy. Move on, nothing happening here has been the order of the day. Why ? If the vast majority of the population were truly to realise exactly what the depth and gravity of this crisis amounts to, there would be lynchings on the streets, as George Bush Sr once alluded to, ( He actually said that "If the American people were to realise what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us"), and a wholesale revolution to get rid of the criminals and their accomplices that got us all in to this mess.

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Oct. 28th, 2008 02:52 am (UTC)
Newspeak in Overdrive
Just found your posts - linked from whatreallyhappened - and I am impressed! You hit many nails on the head and unfortunately I think you are most correct to assume that if most people actually came out of their fog and knew what was really going on there would be lynching in the streets!! And, I am afraid it will come to mass chaos sometime in the near future as we have not even begun to really open up the nests of CDS/derivatives and all those great bombs! On the other hand, we do, as americans, need to take our country back and start fighting for our freedom and for the freedom of our kids! Just wondering what the next step should be?? Tough one to answer!

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Oct. 28th, 2008 05:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Newspeak in Overdrive
Thanks Erin. Many just call me a doomsayer but I would rather call it like it is than hide under the sofa ;) You are absolutely right, American People do need to rid themselves of their government and the sooner the better. What have they ever done that has really helped anyone besides their corporate buddies ? Same can be said for most other countries as well unfortunately. Thanks for commenting !
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