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So here's the limb I'm walking out on...

  • Close all Banks and Financial institutions now.
  • Stop paying taxes.
  • Count what's actually left in the public coffers.
  • Put all of it in a central fund for now.
  • Sack all Governments Now.
  • Disband the Stock Exchange.
  • Prohibit speculation on commodities that people need to survive.
  • Form Local Community Boards across every country in the World.
  • Hold Local elections for membership.
  • Setup Local funds for each Local Board.
  • Distribute the remaining wealth to the local boards.
  • Charge the Local boards with one duty and one only: Serve their electorate. Period.
  • Form cooperatives between local Boards to use the resources of each for the benefit of all including transport infrastructure and natural resources.
  • Count all the Pennies, Yen, Kroner, Dollars, Yuan, etc etc and burn them all. Form a new monetary system , backed by something solid like Gold or Silver (Wait a minute, they used to do that for 5000 years). Do not under any circumstances depeg the currency from the Gold / Silver backing it. (Nixon, you gangster)
  • Now reset the counters to Zero and start again.
Sound Complicated ? A Pipe dream ? Airy Fairy ?

Let's consider the alternative...

Have no doubt, by the end of this week or the next, life will have changed for good, there will be no going back to the way it was. Period.
If the World is expecting to have it's cake and eat it , forget about it. So what's going to be the logical outcome of such a sytemic failure ?
If we were to play by the old rules, a fight for survival will ensue that will most likely end up in a War. Gee, that's going to help us out of this mess! Until the World realises that this is the time to realise that we need to change, but fundamentally. If we persist in the continuing worthless effort to fix a problem that cannot be fixed, then we just waste all that effort and capital in a fruitless exercise.
We can actually take what's left and make something good out of it if we have the courage and the foresight. But we will have to leave the old ways behind and return to a sustainable model.

So, what's the best way to go from here ?

Do we persist and destroy what's left of our world or do we admit to oursleves that we have been presented an opportunity , via extreme circumstances, to break the mold and start building something that will be actually sustainable ?

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